28 September 2007

bad timing

I was in the City today with a couple of friends. Walking down Burke St, just down the hill from Parliament, I saw someone who resembled federal opposition leader Kevin Rudd. Jokingly, I turned to my friends and said "Hey look! Isn't that John Howard?"

It turns out it really was Kevin Rudd. If only I'd held my joke in a few seconds longer, he might have heard me. Damn!


Crystal said...

Sorry, but the Librarian (or Technician) in me is screaming to point out you spelt Bourke Street wrong.
That aside, I have enjoyed telling many people this story.

carlos lopez librarian said...

A thousand pardons; my only excuse is that I poured half a beer over my keyboard the other week and some of the keys are still a little sticky ("so why didn't you proofread, genius?")

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