04 October 2007

[carlos sleepy]

. . . and here's one that's very relevant for those of us who keep reading until 3 in the morning and then have to get up again for work 4 hours later:

It seems that a 15 minute powernap at lunchtime is all we really need! Of course, we've been hearing that for yars from various sources. However this is the first time I've heard anyone mention caffeine within this context! I may, at some stage, try this out.


Crystal said...

So, essentially cats have it right. I like the caffeine bit and can see why it would appeal to you. I wonder if I can manage to convince my managers at work of the OH&S benefits for this particular method?

carlos lopez librarian said...

I really recommend it: I've been experimenting with little 15 minute naps during my lunch hour over the last few days, and it's not so much that I feel a whole lot better when I nap, but that I feel a whole lot worse when I don't.

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