01 October 2007

on the death of books

A friend and colleague (hi Therese!) has posted a page on the future of books, including links to various digitisation and ePublishing projects.

She also mentions a book I'm shamed to admit I hadn't heard of: The book is dead (long live the book) by Sherman Young from Macquarie University. It sounds interesting.

The blog about the book about the . . . about books is here.

Anyway, Therese's page also has a link to this video (I seem to recall seeing a mention of this on various blogs several months ago, but I never saw it at the time). It runs for 9 min. 20 sec., and it might be a good idea to play it with no sound in a background window first (otherwise you'll get a lot of stops and starts while the video segments download; people on dialup, I suggest you don't even bother).

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