15 November 2007

the Library of Congress’s Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control webcast

well, there was confusion, frustration, and from some quarters even what seemed like glee, when the
Library of Congress's Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control webcast failed yesterday.
Cataloguers everywhere tried to get a look, with no success.

Chris (http://www.catalogingfutures.com/catalogingfutures/2007/11/the-webcast-tha.html) reported on
the 10 minutes of footage she was able to see. No real surprises there: LC wants to cut costs, and
it's picked the cataloguing sections bear some of the cuts: CIP input will be completely automated
with no human input; LC doesn't get enough (or even any) money from libraries that use its records;
PCC doesn't have enough contributors, etc. Also, more positively, authority control, though thought
by some to be less important, is becoming more important.

Dianne Hillmann also commented (http://litablog.org/2007/11/13/success-and-failure/), but more on
LC's seeming new transparency:
"LC is attempting to keep people involved in the process, and webcasting is a good way to do that"

The report itself is scheduled to be released on the 30th November.

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