04 November 2007

on the upcoming Australian federal election

I haven't yet posted on the upcoming (24th November 2007) Australian federal elections for 2 reasons:

  1. Back in 1999 the Kennett government was set to be returned for another term in Victoria. All the polls agreed. It was even likely that the government might be returned with a greater majority. Except The Kennett Liberal/National government did not win the elections (much to my relief). And so, I now find it difficult to take the current poling seriously.
  2. I do not believe a Rudd federal government would necessarily be any better than a Howard government: As I see it, politicians (regardless of nominal party ideologies) are interested in only two things; gaining power, and staying in power.

Basically, the choices are these:

  1. vote Howard back into office, or
  2. get rid of him
I do not see Rudd as any sort of saviour (though I'm sure many Labor pundits do), but ANY change must be seen as a good thing, in this case.

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